Hydraulic Engineering Projects


Technical equipment, well-consolidated personnel team consisting of highly qualified specialists, and experience accumulated through the years let the company perform a full scope of hydraulic engineering works with high quality and in a professional manner. The works include the following:

  • bank protection;
  • dredging works;
  • works on territory formation by means of hydraulic filling;
  • construction and back filling of trenches for underwater pipelines and cables. Preparation and construction of pits for fields development and execution of marine operations;
  • underwater concreting and restoration of damaged surfaces of hydraulic engineering structures;
  • repairs of front walls of water intake structures with arrangement of fish protection devices, installation of guiding and waste protection grills, drilling of holes in the underwater part of reinforced concrete structures;
  • laying of pipelines, inverted syphons, cables over the river, lake and sea bottom, and their repairs and maintenance;
  • recovery of sunken vessels and other objects from the bottom;
  • underwater welding and installation works;
  • construction, reconstruction and repairs of all types of hydraulic engineering structures.


Our company possesses the technical fleet, experience, qualification and required manpower resources to perform the following dredging works:

  • underwater excavation and removal of soil during dredging works in hydraulic engineering construction;
  • excavation of soil in limited access areas with the use of hydraulic excavators set on the floating pontoons;
  • cleaning of sea channels, navigable water ways, lakes from silt, sand and other deposits;
  • works on territory formation by means of hydraulic filling.

Starting from 2013 CHT performs works on construction of underwater pits for installation of Sub-structures for offshore structures and pipeline spools at V.Filanovsky and Yu. Korchagin fields located in the Northern part of the Caspian Sea. The company’s scope of works includes the full range of activities starting from development and approval of Method Statement, bottom survey, execution of dredging works, diving survey of the works execution water area, back filling and as-built survey with preparation of as-built documentation.

 Our company has an extensive experience in execution of dredging, hydraulic filling and underwater technical works.

We performed the following works:

- Dredging works in the Volga-Caspian seaway channel (2014-2017);

- Dredging works with simultaneous hydraulic filling of territory during construction of multi-purpose cargo handling terminal “Bronka” in the Leningrad region (2013);

- Dredging and hydraulic filling works in Caucasus port in Krasnodar territory (2011 - 2013)

- Dredging and hydraulic filling works in Temryuk port in Krasnodar territory (2012);

- Dredging works in the Ural-Caspian channel (2009- 2010)

- Underwater technical works on arrangement of pits for installation of the Tee connector and expansion pipe spools, cleaning of pits and back filling of underwater pipelines at V.Filanovsky and Yu.Korchagin fields located in the Northern part of the Caspian sea (2013 - 2017).

The company has a dredgers fleet of various types owned by the company and engaged from third parties.


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